Scheepvaart museum brand campaign

Showing today’s relevancy of 500 years maritime history

To change the perception of what the Museum stands for and increase relevancy & traffic, we created a new brand campaign showing how relevant and topical maritime history is in today’s day and age.

Together with The National Maritime Museum we changed course and presented the museum as a home port where different worlds connect. Where everything surfaces and nothing is left unexposed or unsaid. With this brand campaign we show how the past affects the present; from the beautiful to the violent and from shame to pride.

Alles komt boven water

A promise to show that it’s a museum for everyone. Surprising, relevant, topical and multifaceted. Touching and connecting people, encouraging them to visit, take a look and leave with different and new views.

The Maritime Museum is not just for fans of boats. That was the main perception shift we wanted to make with this campaign. The maritime world is embedded in everything: our language, climate, food and slavery history. A visit to the National Maritime Museum makes this comprehensive world of shipping tangible. Through special stories, objects and current topics that still influence and touch us every day today.

The national campaign consists of TVC, Cinema, (D)OOH, Social, Print and Radio and will be further brought to live later this year through activations and partnerships.
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We always put people at the centre everything we create and ask ourselves the question: is what we’re creating truly adding value and relevant to them? Would they care to spend their time and money on it?

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Whatever we create should be unique, ownable and distinctive. It should be worth talking about and spark conversations or provoke reactions.
It should be worth sharing as ideas people share with peers, need less paid media to become a success.

Is it a star worthy experience?

We always strive to create 5-star experiences (in the broadest sense of the word). Attractive, appealing, relevant, touching and accessible. A positive-review-magnet if you like. Executed to perfection in every touch point and in all media channels.

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