Jägermeister brand campaign

The campaign that celebrates outspoken taste

After having had ‘Only if it’s ice and ice cold’ as its slogan for many years, we were thrilled when Jägermeister asked us for a total re-positioning of the brand, including a new look and a new multi-channel brand campaign.


The campaign is inspired by the different opinions people may have about the drink. Jägermeister is an edgy, energising dark and outspoken serve you either love or hate. We wanted to celebrate the fact that it is just that: A matter of taste.‘

This ‘Berlin in a Bottle’ brand campaign consisted of a big ATL launch, supported by a smart social and on-premise approach. Celebrating outspoken taste through art, music and fashion, inspiring and activation the primary young and urban target audience of the brand.

If you hate us stick to milk, if you love us join the herd

Creating outspoken services

To reduce seasonal dependency (Jager is perceived as winter brand) and create and emotional connection with our outspoken brand, we launched Jagermeister Summer Jobs. A steaming hot summer service, offering the most outspoken summer jobs in collaboration with job bank Young Capital. Our young target audience could apply for unique summer jobs such as tattoo assistent of Morrison Schiffmacher, music video director for Bokoesam or a lifestyle photographer for FHM. An opportunity for them to immerse into our world that is truly a matter of taste.

Claiming outspoken moments

Next to outspoken services we created and claimed outspoken moments too. With our Derde Kerstdag Campaign we tapped into the urge of young people wanting to let loose, especially after a long 1st and 2nd Christmas Day with the family. Resulting in a new Jägermeister consumption moment and very festive moment for the brand too…;)

Who gives a $#✶♡
Building brands the NEEW way.
Why would I spend my precious time and money on it?

We always put people at the centre everything we create and ask ourselves the question: is what we’re creating truly adding value and relevant to them? Would they care to spend their time and money on it?

Is it worth talking about and would I share it with peers?

Whatever we create should be unique, ownable and distinctive. It should be worth talking about and spark conversations or provoke reactions.
It should be worth sharing as ideas people share with peers, need less paid media to become a success.

Is it a star worthy experience?

We always strive to create 5-star experiences (in the broadest sense of the word). Attractive, appealing, relevant, touching and accessible. A positive-review-magnet if you like. Executed to perfection in every touch point and in all media channels.

Why would people love it?

We build brands people love. Make stuff with impact; stuff that touches them. We find what makes them tick and give them what they love. Things they want and need or didn’t yet know they wanted or needed.